My sentiment to us – The seniors

My sentiment to us – The seniors

Perhaps many know my relationship with God and those who do not, I would like to contribute with my self-reflection to understand my faith.

Life becomes bearable only, if we learn to carry only difficulty, which accounted for today and the past surrender to God. We would always bother today with our past, if we keep himself in remorses and old mistakes.

Of course, it’s not about indifference to evil, but that we do not look into own past. Oobversely, trust in God will allow us to enter into each new day with courage and confidence to survive all good, what day will bring.

Each day has enough of his suffering and therefore must always do what it has to be done and with regard to outside influences, must be protected from motives of distrust towards God.

We, the seniors, we have within ourselves to create peace and to extend it to others, because the more will be in us, the more it will be in the world.

Viera Baumanová, nursing home client